Part of our mission it to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. We're doing our part by supporting several missionaries and mission area with our prayers and financial support.

You can learn more about the missionaries that we support below, or take a look at our Missions wall at the back of the sanctuary.

Amber Hackenbruch

Europe/Middle East, Switzerland

Stephen and Lynette O'Donnell

Missionary, Asia, Hong Kong

Jason and Cori Lucas

Missionary, Asia, Japan

Josh and Ashley Barsotti

Missionary, Asia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

David and Alice Kline

Missionary, Central America/Caribbean, Leeward Islands

Robert and Krisztina Cseh

Missionary, Europe, Hungary

Joe and Fanny Cooney

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, France

Steven and Jean Tir

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Serbia, Slovakia

Jared and Jeanna Driggers

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Spain

Jim and Latitia Robertson

Missionary, Pacific, Philippines

Michael and Ivonne Walmer

Missionary, South America, Brazil

Kyle and Amanda Kelley

Missionary, United Kingdom, Wales

Michael and Miriam Sponsler

Regional Director, South America