Day of Prayer & Fasting

Friday, March 27 will be a day of prayer & fasting regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our local, national, and international leadership has called us to a day for prayer and fasting. Specifically we will be praying for Safety, Healing, and Revival.

Please see the letter below from our Ohio District Office:

Good day! I hope this finds you safe and well. Our general superintendent, district superintendent, and district prayer coordinator are calling on us to join together with the United Pentecostal Church International to give ourselves to prayer and fasting this Friday, March 27, 2020 for the Covid-19 pandemic. Please announce this to your church family. Let’s pray for the following areas:

  • Safety.
    Pray God will keep us healthy and safe from the virus.
  • Healing.
    Pray for healing for those who have contracted the virus as well as for their families for the peace of God.
  • Revival.
    Pray God will use this unprecedented time in our lifetimes to spread the gospel around the world. Pray God will be glorified like never before.

Thank you for your faithfulness to Jesus and to the mission He died for. Together we will see the glory of God.”

Ohio District

Thank you for praying and fasting together with you local church family and the Apostolic Church throughout the world!

We encorage you to fast what you can on on Friday, March 26, whether it’s all day, or just a meal or two. Anything beats a zero!

Please remember to spend extra time in prayer as well. Lets storm heaven together for Safety, Healing, and Revival!

Looking for more info about prayer & fasting?

Checkout Sis. Meadows’ 2018 Prayer Series: “The Explosive Power of Prayer & Fasting”

We’re Not Alone

It’s not just Faith Worship Center or the United Pentecostal Church International praying. We are joined together by our Apostolic brothers and sisters across the globe!

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