Returning to In-Building Services

Dear Faith Worship Center Family;

We are excited to be coming together again this Saturday and Sunday for full in-house worship! Pentecost Sunday is such an amazing day to celebrate… we want to come into it rejoicing and full of faith. Bro. Salomon and his wife will be with us and we know God is going to move.

In preparation for our Saturday Night Prayer and Sunday morning Service we have a few guidelines to help to protect all of our people and use wisdom in conducting our services. Our guidelines are listed here:

  1. Please know we are doing a multitude of things to help our people feel safe in services.
  2. If you have a fever, or are sick or have been sick, or if you have been around anyone that has COVID-19
    recently you will need to stay home and not attend our public service at this time.
  3. To wear a mask or not? – It will be left to each individual to decide for themselves. Some feel that masks are mandatory for safety and others feel they are personal traps for germs and are unhealthy….there have been articles agreeing with both positions.
  4. When you arrive: A Leader or Usher will be posted at the church sidewalk to check church attendees before they enter the building. Each person will be asked:
    • Whether they have a fever: If they are sick and also about their exposure to anyone with COVID. The line will be brief and move quickly. Families are asked to stand 6 feet apart while waiting for check in.
    • To have and use anti-bacterial soap during the service. There is a dispenser in the foyer (by the water fountain) and in the sanctuary by the Missions plaques.
  5. We ask that all families sit together as family units when attending services.The chairs will be arranged to help facilitate this.
    (Please help us with this) Thank You!
  6. When fellowshipping: Please practice social distancing: No hugging: Shaking hands, or kids wrestling, etc
  7. For a while we will not have a Welcome Center with refreshments, nor have Sunday School, and also not have a regularly scheduled Nursery. The Nursery will be open and sanitized for Emergency Use Only – with no more than 3-4 people of any age allowed in the Nursery at any time. Ushers will help oversee this.
  8. When praying with others during altar call times, please do not lay hands on anyone, and keep a safe distance from others while praying with them.
  9. After service we recommend going outside for fellowship as much as possible to help with safety and distancing.
    (Sunshine and wide open spaces)
  10. If you have health conditions or would feel uncomfortable to attend a public service, we do not want you to feel pressured. Please use your faith & come in faith, but know we understand if you feel you cannot come at this time.
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