Sept 29 Trunk-tacular

Do you love a good DEAL?
Are you a BARGAIN shopper?
Love SUPPORTING our Youth?
Have you been looking for a UNIQUE and FUN OUTREACH opportunity that you can invite your friends and family to church for?

Look no further! Catalyst Youth Ministries is bringing back the Trunk-tacular!

It’s a Back Hatch Blowout! A Truck Bed Extravaganza!
It’s a Parking Lot Palooza you WON’T want to miss! And YOU can be a part of it!!!

Here’s how!

The Trunk-tacular will take place on Sunday, September 29, from about 1-3 pm.

To participate in our Trunk-tacular:

Gather and bring gently used, clean items to donate from home such as clothing, collectibles, decor, tools, etc, (no food or perishable items) and keep them in your trunk. After church, open your trunk and allow people to browse what you’ve brought and take what they want.

Anything that remains in your trunk may be donated to the VOA right down the street. Unsold items may NOT be left on church grounds, for any reason, NO EXCEPTIONS.

To participate in the purchase of trunk items:

Purchase as many large paper grocery bags as you like for $5 each, or buy multiple and get a deal! Do not over stuff bags; remember, this is for a fundraiser. Walk around and browse through all the items available from everyone’s trunks. Once your bags are full, load them into your vehicle.

Pricing For Bags:

  • 1 for $5
  • 3 for $10
  • 5 for $15

Admissions To The Trunk Sale:

Large paper bags will be sold by the youth. These are “tickets” for admission and you may fill these bags from any trunk vendor. Once your bag is full, more may be purchased, as many as you want. Large items, such as wall art and mirrors, count as an entire bag.

If you are a vendor, you get one bag for FREE, but may purchase as many additional bags as you like. Empty bags may also be purchased and donated for others that might not be able to buy their own.

Bake Sale:

Individual items will be available to purchase from the Youth such as brownies, cookies, bottled water, and popsicles. These are the only food items allowed to be sold at the Trunk-tacular. Vendors will not be permitted to share perishable items from their trunks.


Everyone is encouraged to stay after service and hangout, even if you’re not participating in the Trunk-tacular. Simply pack a picnic lunch and bring it with you to church. Tables and chairs will be set up outside for you to use. Everyone is responsible for their own meal and for cleaning up their own space when they’re finished.

We look forward to seeing you there and can’t wait to join in all the fun!


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