Work Day – Sept. 15, 2018

Thank you for all of the work you do to support the All Church Work Day! Remember, anything beats a zero!

Sanctuary Building

  1. Paint
    • Foyer:
      • Around entry doors.
      • Wall by hospitality bar has touch up places.
      • Check Nursery walls for touch up – as paint color is the same. (Light tan)
    • Caulking:
      • Atop baseboards in Sanctuary chair railing in the Sanctuary
      • Door frames into Sanctuary (both sides) and 2 church office doors
      • Nursery door, Men and Women’s Restroom Doors and Childrens Church room door
      • Door frames:
        • Around doors to Sanctuary – both sides –  and trim in foyer.
        • Office doors in Sanctuary.
        • Nursery/Storage Room/ Men’s and Women’s Restrooms/CC Room.
      • Pillars on platform need to be finished with white paint.
      • Media desk may need to be finished – under the desk – not sure of color.
  2. Carpet in Sanctuary
    • Some pieces are lifting up &  need fresh glue applied. Check with Nevin for how to do.
  3. Supply closet (by Overflow)
    • Needs cleaned out – a lot of stuff taken to shed or tossed.


Yard work

  1. Redo edging:
    • Edging around the black mulch has been overgrown with weeds.
    • Needs re-defined with shovel. (We have an edging shovel).
  2. Pull weeds from black mulch area– spray with Roundup.
  3. Trim Weeds all around tree in back yard of house. There is a large overgrowth.
  4. Use Weed-eater all around house.
  5. Use power washer to clear grass (flush it out) from long cracks in church parking lot and house driveway.
  6. Check Church Sign for paint and reinforcement.


Special Projects – Approval needed from Tim to do:

  1. 3-5 trees along driveway need to be felled – chopped up & burned.
  2. Supervise burning of trees and trash.
  3. Light bulb is burnt out by the church sign – needs replaced.



  1. Garage:
    • Trash removed:
      • get rid of basketball board.
      • hospitality bar taken to back room in the basement of the house.
    • Clean – re-organize.
    • New cabinet being brought in for storage and protection.
  2. Upstairs Bedrooms:
    • Get rid of all trash – put all supplies in closets or garage – out of sight!!
    • Clean – reorganize 2 rooms that are not Amber’s classroom.
    • Cover sanctuary chairs with plastic.
    • Clean bathroom – check for supplies.
    • Put vinyl flooring in garage.
  3. Middle Level:
    • Clean kitchen:
      • get rid of all trash.
      • take microwave to garage.
      • Have counter tops totally bare (all junk removed).
      • Give away – remove bakers rack.
      • Put palm tree in garage – open up area.
    • Remove chair railing from kitchen and dining area walls.
    • Clean birds nest from window.
    • Leave fan in living room running at all times. (Not a/c).
  4. Basement:
    • Clean out room next to fireplace room:
      • get rid of all trash.
      • put paint cans in furnace room.
      • Take everything out of this room but the hospitality bar.
    • Put light bulb in furnace room.
    • Get rid of Nursery walker – give to Christi Crego.
    • Clean and sweep rooms.
    • Get rid of any trash in furnace room.



  1. Massive clean out – reorganize.
    • Clean fridge in shed.
    • Clean out cabinets by fridge – toss things that are damaged or unusable. Possibly move one metal storage shelving to main part of shed.
    • Get rid of all large wood pieces in shed.



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