Youth Zoo Lights

This Friday, December 20th, is our trip to the Zoo Lights! Please contact Scott ASAP if you’re planning on attending!

⌚We’ll be meeting at FWC at 6pm to ride up together in the van. We’ll be back to the church for pickup between 9:30-10:30. We’ll send texts as we’re leaving.
🎟Everyone is responsible for purchasing their own tickets and for bringing any extra money for hot cocoa, souvenirs, etc.
💸Tickets cost $14 at Kroger. At the Zoo they cost $22 (or $17 if you have a Franklin County ID) and I have BOGO free coupons.
🧥Dress appropriately! It will be below freezing, so wear warm clothes, a coat, gloves, comfortable shoes, etc.
🍔Eat at home before going to the zoo! The only time we will be stopping at concessions will be for hot chocolate. Getting food at the zoo takes way too long.
☕A travel mug of Hot Cocoa with free refills for the day costs $9. These were very popular last year so make sure you bring money for one if you want one.

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