Missionary Details

Joe and Fanny Cooney

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, France

Joe Cooney is a first generation Apostolic whose family is from Ireland. He was filled with the Holy Spirit in 1995. As an AIMer 2002-2010 he spent over 3 years in Ireland, and 3 1/2 years in London, England, evangelizing and assisting different ministries. Fanny Cooney is a fourth generation Apostolic from France. She is an experienced conference interpreter and regularly translates ministry curriculum. Receiving full missionary appointment at the 2010 General Conference in Houston, the Cooneys served as pastoral furlough replacements in Vienna, Austria 2011-2012. They returned to Northern Ireland in 2014 taking the pastorate of one church and planting a new one in the city of Belfast. In the last 4 years they have seen over 100 filled with the Holy Ghost in Northern Ireland. In all their years in ministry and evangelizing throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe and the United States, thousands have been filled with the Holy Ghost, healed and set free.

Joe: promotions, evangelism, church planting, pastoring, bible school teaching & home bible study seminars
Fanny: singing, keyboard, French interpreter, children's ministry

Joe's birthday is August 27th and Fanny's birthday is September 28th.