Missionary Details

Jared and Jeanna Driggers

Missionary, Europe/Middle East, Spain

Jared and Jeanna both grew up in the Indiana District and met on a Youth on Missions trip to Trinidad and Tobago when they were teenagers. Jared graduated from Indiana Bible College and Jeanna graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor’s degree in nursing. They married in 2012 and served faithfully as youth pastors at their local church for the next five years. In 2017 they arrived in Barcelona, Spain, as part of the Associates In Missions program, and began serving as pastors of the English-speaking church in Barcelona, while also working as part of the ministry team at Los Pentecostales de Barcelona. Through two and a half years serving in Spain, they have fulfilled various duties including: planting a daughter-work church in the neighboring city of El Prat; construction work in area daughter work churches; preaching and teaching in Spanish; teaching at the Bible Institute in Barcelona; serving as Regional Missions Director for their region in Spain; serving in music ministry; serving as secretary-treasurer of the church in Barcelona and its daughter work churches. Jared and Jeanna received their missionary appointment in 2020. They plan to return to Spain and continue working in the Bible Institute, helping establish churches in the northeast region of Spain and furthering the work throughout the nation.