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When God Hires Darkness As His Servant

Have you heard God call you out of the darkness?

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Thank God I'm A Cracked Pot

Thank God I’m A Cracked Pot

What you see as imperfections could be God’s perfection.

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Your wounds help you find His place for you to be fulfilled.

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A Contradiction With A Hidden Encouragement

The Lord often teaches us strong lessons through contradicting examples.

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Pastor Michael L. Meadows

Angry Letters Never Sent!

Lord, let me see people with your eyes and love them.

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Wisdom, The Principle Thing!

If something has value you will do what it takes to acquire it.

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My Scars Do Not Define Me

Are You One Of Them?

You may be the ONLY connection someone has to life with Jesus Christ.

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Steve Dinkins

The Purposes of Boundaries

Boundaries reinforce our strength to live for God.

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