About Us

Faith Worship Center is about sharing the gospel with all people. We don't care where you're from, or where you've been, or who you are, we would love to share God's awesome love and plan with you! Come worship with us in a comfortable non-traditional setting. Start your new life today and begin a greater life of purpose!

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Need Prayer?

We believe that nothing is impossible for God. We also believe that miracles can and do happen even today! If you have a need and don't know where else to turn, try prayer. We would love to join with you in prayer and watch God change a situation we as humans could only see as hopeless! Prayer partners are standing by to pray with you.

Need Prayer?

Got Kids?

We have a great children's ministry for kids of all ages! Bring your kids to church! They'll love the games, music, and learning about God and their purpose in life! In Children's Church, its all geared toward them and explained in ways they can understand and relate to! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your kids are close by and growing in the Lord.

Childrens Church